How to Harvard Reference an Enterprise Agreement

As a professional, I understand the importance of correctly referencing sources in academic writing. When it comes to referencing an enterprise agreement using the Harvard referencing system, there are a few key elements to keep in mind.

First, it is important to understand what an enterprise agreement is and how it is structured. An enterprise agreement, also known as an enterprise bargaining agreement, is a negotiated agreement between an employer and a group of employees that sets out terms and conditions of employment. These agreements can cover a wide range of topics including wages, working conditions, and employee benefits.

In order to reference an enterprise agreement in your writing, you should follow the Harvard referencing system which requires the following information:

1. Author: The author of the enterprise agreement is usually the employer or a representative from the employer.

2. Year of publication: The year of publication of the enterprise agreement is important as it helps the reader to locate the agreement.

3. Title: The title of the enterprise agreement should be in italics and should accurately reflect the content of the agreement.

4. Publisher: The publisher of the agreement is usually the employer or a representative from the employer.

5. URL or database name: If the enterprise agreement is available online, you should include the URL or the name of the database where it can be accessed.

Based on these elements, a Harvard reference for an enterprise agreement might look like this:

Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year of publication). Title of enterprise agreement. Publisher. URL or database name.

For example:

Smith, J. (2020). Enterprise agreement for ABC Corporation. ABC Corporation.

It is important to note that different industries and countries may have variations in the way they structure their enterprise agreements. Therefore, it is important to consult the appropriate guidelines and ensure that you are referencing the agreement correctly.

In conclusion, referencing an enterprise agreement using the Harvard referencing system requires attention to details such as author, year of publication, title, publisher, and URL or database name. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your references are accurate, complete, and guide your reader to locate the agreement with ease.

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