Bilateral Investment Agreement Sample

A bilateral investment agreement, often referred to as a BIT, is an agreement between two countries that governs their investment relationship. Bilateral investment agreements typically outline the legal framework for foreign investment, offering protections and assurances for investors from one country in another country. In this article, we will explore the sample of a bilateral investment agreement and understand its key provisions.


The bilateral investment agreement sample is a legal document that outlines a set of rules and regulations that govern the investment relationship between two countries. The agreement seeks to promote and protect foreign investment and provide a framework for investment protection, free trade, and commerce.

Key Provisions of Bilateral Investment Agreement:

1. National Treatment: National treatment ensures that foreign investors are treated no differently than domestic investors in terms of the legal and regulatory framework of the host country. This provision ensures that foreign investors receive equal treatment and protection under the law in the host country.

2. Fair and Equitable Treatment: This provision ensures that foreign investors are treated fairly and equitably, which is a necessary condition for foreign investment. It prohibits the host country from using discriminatory practices against foreign investors, such as imposing arbitrary or unjustified measures.

3. Expropriation: The agreement provides provisions for protecting investments against expropriation. It ensures that in the event of expropriation, the host country provides fair and prompt compensation for the expropriated investment.

4. Dispute Resolution: The bilateral investment agreement includes provisions for dispute resolution between the two countries. These provisions offer a mechanism for investors to seek redress if they experience a breach of their investment rights, or if they face an imminent threat of expropriation.

5. Transfers: The agreement guarantees investors the freedom to transfer their investments in and out of the host country without any undue restrictions. This provision protects investors against currency controls, which might impede their ability to repatriate profits or capital invested in the host country.


Bilateral investment agreements are essential tools for promoting foreign investment, commerce, and free trade. They seek to provide a level playing field for investors, protecting them from discriminatory practices, and ensuring their investments are free from expropriation. The sample bilateral investment agreement provides a framework for investors and the host country to achieve mutually beneficial goals, while respecting the sovereignty and economic interests of each country.

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